2015 UnbreakableCoin Wallets

Welcome to UnbreakableCoin’s 2015 Official Wallet – Download Area

Now Available in Two Color Versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux  

 Blue Version

Screenshot (454)

Black Version

Screenshot (443)

Fully Loaded With New Features!


Live POW Stats – with Refresh Button

  • Refresh Button reloads stats and  Displays the increases or decreases in values by Color Change,    Dark Green = Increase,   Red = Decrease

  • Current Block Number

  • Current Block Reward

  • Current Blockchain Difficulty

  • Current Network Hashrate

  • Last Block Reward Time

  • Current Connections

Screenshot (491) - Copy

Screenshot (494)   Red = DecreaseScreenshot (495)Dark Green = Increase


Built In Block Explorer

  • Search UNB Transactions

  • View UNB Block InformationScreenshot (487)

Services Tab with 22 Quick Links to UNB Related Websites:

**Please note Bitcoinables, Allstarcrytpo, Escryptow and CryptoLuv, are still in development stages.

Screenshot (489)

Screenshot (490)

Screenshot (488)


Debug Console:

  • 60 Active Functions including Multisig features!

    Screenshot (493)

To install the 2015 UnbreakableCoin Wallet

Step 1: Choose your Operating System and Color Below


2015 UnbreakableCoin Windows Wallets


Windows Blue Wallet 

Windows Black Wallet


2015 UnbreakableCoin Linux Wallets


Linux Blue Wallet

Linux Black Wallet


2015 UnbreakableCoin Mac Wallets


Mac Blue Wallet

Mac Black Wallet


Step 2:  Run the file you downloaded.

( Disregard any virus notices – Wallets have to make an inbound/outbound connection )

Step 3: Allow the wallet to pass through any firewalls.

Step 4: Sit Back and allow the wallet time to download the blockchain.

The wallet will sync up once a block is found on the UNB network by other miners.

Sync will be indicated by a green check mark in the lower right hand corner.

(**Please note syncing a wallet can take time to sync depending on current block speeds** )



Sample UnbreakableCoin Config File



** How to CPU Solo Mine for UnbreakableCoin**

If you have a nice CPU setup you can try solo mining for UNB


Run Unbreakable-QT.exe

At the top of the wallet, Click “Help/Debug Window”

Click on the tab named “Console”

At the bottom of the screen, you can now type in commands.

Type exactly the following command:

 setgenerate true -1

 That’s it. You are now officially mining for Unbreakable Coin!

Type help in the command console to see a list of all available wallet options.

**Solo Mining is not recommend unless you have a very powerful computer. UNB is best mined with ASIC miners.**

Screenshot (492)

2015 Wallet Source

Click Here to download the source code for the 2015 UNB Wallets

View the Github Page